A&E Cage Co. 48″x36″ Mondo Play Top Bird Cage

A&E Cage Co. 48″x36″ Mondo Play Top Bird Cage




A&E Cage Co. 48″x36″ Mondo Play Top Bird Cage For Sale

A&E Cage Co. 48″x36″ Mondo Play Top Bird Cage For Sale.

Product Highlights:

  • Bird proof front door & feeder door locks
  • Play top with 2 ladders, perch, & toy hook
  • Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back
  • Front door safety latch
  • 4 swing out feeder doors
  • 4 stainless steel feeder cups & perch
  • Large front door for easy access
  • Removable seed catcher
  • Slide-out tray underneath play top keeping cage mess free
  • Slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning
  • Non-toxic, durable and safe powder coated finish


The Mondo Play Top cage is a stunning cage for both birds and owners alike. There are so many features and so much space in this unit, that one could hardly imagine using any word but “mondo” to describe it. With internal dimensions in excess of five feet tall, four feet wide, and three feet deep, there is plenty of space inside the enclosure for your feathered friend or friends to live and play. But this cage isn’t just all about the inside; the outside is also designed to be a great place for your pet to have fun. The external dimensions of this cage measure greater than six feet high thanks to the awesome play area attached to the top of the body.

The play top has two cleverly curved ladder-like climbing sections that are topped with a perch, two feeding cups, and a standing toy hook. You wouldn’t want your birds waste covering the entire cage though (what a mess that would be!), so the Mondo play top includes is very own slide out tray atop the cage for easy waste removal and to protect the main section of the cage. Cleaning the entire cage is made a breeze with a second slide out tray and grate along the bottom and a removable seed catcher. Each feeder door is individually opening and has a solid back to prevent excess seed tossing during feeding times.

Time spent inside the cage will be made pleasant thanks to the included perch, horizontally oriented rods on two sides for climbing, and four friendly feeder stations. You’ll be able to choose a perfect color to match the décor of your home, with platinum and black non-toxic powder coating finishes available.

Key Specifications:

  • Bar Spacing: 1″
  • Bar Gauge: 5.0 mm
  • Weight: 227 lbs
  • Internal Dimensions:
    48″(W) x 36″(D) x 50″(H)
  • External Dimensions:
    48″(W) x 36″(D) x 76″(H)

*Included seed skirt adds
approximately 4″ to each side




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