Merlot-Moustache Parakeet For Sale

Merlot-Moustache Parakeet For Sale

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Due to the fast turnonver rate of these pets, it is difficult to provide the exact date of birth. However these babies are mostly sold in between 7-11 Weeks of Age.

The Gender is not guaranteed. However, A DNA test can be arranged upon customer’s request after the purchase of the bird to determine the gender at an additional cost.

Livestock in store is health guaranteed. However, we cannot provide any life warranty after these pets are kept in any of our uncontrolled environment. It is important to provide a proper habitat by following some suggested tips. More information can also be obtained from specialized animal care staff at the time of purchase.



The moustached parakeet has an extensive range in southeast Asia. It is native to China and the islands of Indonesia, where several subspecies live. This bird has an unmistakably deafening warning calling when danger approaches. During the mating season, a pair will leave the flock and find a tree cavity to call home until their chicks mature. Feral populations are spreading to many other areas, including neighboring cities. Their shrinking natural habitat causes flocks to become urban dwellers. In the wild, this species tends to live in woodlands, hills, and mountains and gather in flocks of up to 60 birds. The group can become quite loud, so it’s hard to miss them.

Moustache parakeet for Adoption

Moustached parakeets can make adorable pets when hand-fed as babies and properly socialized. However, they do tend to be more relaxed than the boisterous Indian ringneck parakeet Some owners of moustached parakeets report that their birds tend to act bossy or needy. They will demand an owner’s attention if they feel ignored. They are active, social creatures who love to spend time playing games and spend time with their owners.


Care Guide and Recommendations


  • A Roomy Cage. Non-toxic powder coating Metal one (minimum size recommended is double the span of their wing size when stretched out together or biggest possible.
  • Humid and warm environment. (Automatic / manual misting / showering regularly { specially made shower & window perches are quite helpful}.
  • A combination of tap water shower and use of recommended bird bath sprays with gland oil helps relieve / eliminate minor skin irritation and itchiness on the body.
  • Bedding (Preferable: Fresh and Comfy Recycled Paper Bedding / aspen shaving / corn cob)
  • Toys (They love to chew, therefore, providing a few toys helps in catering to a healthy lifestyle for the pet!). A combination of 5-7 (2-3 hard & 3-4 soft chewable {food grade coloured toys).
  • A combination of sand (nail & beak filing) and regular perches inside the cage. (Preferably Java / dragon wood).
  • Installation of Java tree on top of the cage with extra food bowls (steel ones) and a couple of hanging toys.
  • A minimum of 3 steel containers.
    • Food Bowl (Usually included in Cages). Mixture of Tropican and Tropimix Food.
    • Mineral and Vitamin Bowl. (Clay Cal and Prime Vitamin Amino Acid Mixture). Moist food including Fruits, Veggies etc. to be dropped / served in this bowl.
    • Water bowl. regular tap cold water (put some anti chlorine drops). Water to be changed at least once a day or every time the bird dropping is seen.
  • Hideout. Hammock / Tent for them to feel protected. Unwanted exposure stresses the bird out.
  • UVA / UVB lighting has proved to be very beneficial for these birds. It helps processing the calcium in captivity and also help controlling the temperature in cage. Metal dome are to be used and to be placed on top of the cage.

Diet Plan

  • Please follow the feeding guide provided in the chart below.
  • Mineral/ Salt Block / Cuttlefish bone.
  • Treats

Highly Pedigreed

In-house Bred in Free Flight Aviary. Captivity born not imported.

Between 7-11 Weeks of Age at the time of delivery.

Raised only on Hari Approved Products

Breeders are Fed:

Organic Pellets (Tropican)

Parrots Nut Mix (Tropimix)





Bentonite Clay

Prime Vitamins


Kept in UVA, UVB and Infrared Nocturnal Lighting

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Elizabeth NJ

    My experience with The Parrot Shop was a very knowledgeable experience…I did my research for 2 years learning and preparing for my newfound love… I am happy to say of all places I found it at The Parrot Shop …It was love at first sight…. I went in to purchase a specific bird but immediately my new found love for another species flew to me and never left me! It was literally love at first sight! They are very easy to work with and I highly recommend them! Always and forever in love with my new companion⚘Thank you The Parrot Shop!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Their birds are very beautiful and nice. They take a lot of time to have the best quality of birds and the best personality of birds. I can tell they really love what they do and I highly recommend them. I got my baby Moustache Parakeet from them and he is the sweetest little bird on the planet!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Super magasin avec un personnel compétent et sympathique. Nous a aidés à trouver l’oiseau, la cage, la nourriture et les jouets parfaits

  4. 5 out of 5


    I cannot express how pleased I am with these guys. I’ve personally watched how well these birds are treated and raised. The owners are very knowledgeable and extremely willing to share all that knowledge to ensure you have a successful relationship with your new friend.

  5. 5 out of 5


    J’ai acheté une belle caique de bébé pour ma fille ici. Ces oiseaux sont très soignés et le meilleur que vous puissiez obtenir. La volière mise en place est parmi les mieux vues et donc très propres. Leur service client est de premier ordre, si serviable et patient avec mes NOMBREUSES questions. Très informé. Vous ne regretterez pas d’avoir acheté votre prochain ajout de famille d’oiseaux ici. Vous obtiendrez un oiseau très heureux et en bonne santé! Vous pouvez dire que ce n’est tout simplement pas un «passe-temps» a timies Birds, mais une passion pour ces oiseaux. Je serai un client fidèle pour ma fille et moi-même. Merci d’avoir offert à notre famille une si belle expérience!

  6. 5 out of 5


    Bought the cutest most Moustache Parakeet from here a while back and i love it definitely will return for bigger birds when i have more experience!

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