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Peach Fronted Conure for Sale,with their lovely, cute looks and lively personality, the Peach Fronted conure is a loved breed of pet parrots. They are also one of the smaller conures, and their beauty has charmed many owners around the world. They are not as widespread as some other closely related breeds, but they are nonetheless a great companion parrot, thanks to their great traits and a friendly, energetic nature. That’s why they are considered as one of the best representatives of the conure family of parrots.


Care and Feeding of Peach Fronted Conure

To try and imitate their natural diet of seeds, nuts, insects, and fruits, you can start with a commercial pre-designed seed mix for conures. This is a great source of proteins and nutrients. As an added source of vitamins, you should offer a daily dose of either fresh fruits or vegetables. Another must is a fresh source of drinking water, as well as the much-loved spray baths. Being too small for taking real showers, these conures will absolutely adore an occasional spray bath. It will also serve as a key step to a better hygiene for your pet.




Always handle your Peach Fronted Conure gently. If a person is a afraid of a bird, the bird can sense this and it can make it impossible to develop a relationship. Never hit your bird or you will loose it’s trust, probably forever.

Taming Basics:
To train you pet, the first thing you should do is have it’s wings clipped. A bathroom is a good area for working with your Peach Fronted Conure to train it. Be sure to cover the mirrors, have the windows closed and covered and the door closed.
Always reward good behavior and each success with loving praise and a treat. Some treats are a cracker, fruit such as a piece of grape, or a nut. Repeat the hand-taming lessons several times a day but for short periods of time, about 20 minutes a session.

Initial Training:
Place the conure on a perch. If it insists on flying off, pick it up and replace it on the perch until it becomes use to the perch and is comfortable with it.
The next step is to take a second perch and gently push into your pet’s chest to encourage it to step up on it. Sometimes offering a treat to coax it up on the perch as it reaches for the treat will help.
Once it steps up without hesitation, you can then substitute your finger for the perch. If your Peach Fronted Conure tries to bite, you can blow on it and it will soon learn to behave.

Advanced Training:
The Peach Fronted Conures are very bright and intelligent birds and love learning tricks. Some of the tricks you can teach it to do are to play dead, lay on its back, and even pick up objects and bring them to you. Your conure can also learn to talk with patience and persistence.


Housing Peach Fronted Conures

Owning a pet a peach-fronted conure is a dream come true. It is remarkable for its pleasing and sociable qualities. It’s also a terrific companion bird that is simple to train. It will not bore you at any point in time.

Despite the peach fronted conure’s positive qualities, suitable shelter is still required. It is preferable to use a power-coated metal cage. It should be about 24x18x24 inches in size. Manzanita perches must be available for the peach-fronted conures who chew the hardest. The size of the nest box should be approximately 13x10x10inches. The hole should also be 3.25 inches in diameter. Outside the cage, set up a playpen. The pet requires some unrestricted time outside of the cage.

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