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Red Factor Canary for sale,named after its beautiful plumage, the Red Factor Canary is one of the most popular canaries. It is active and lively, enjoyed by both those who wish to keep a pet canary as well as those who specialize in showing. A delightful entertaining little bird, it is hardy and very easy to keep. However they are not easy to breed, so will need a more advanced keeper for this purpose.

The Red Factor Canary is classed as a “color canary”, bred for color rather than physical characteristics or song. First bred in the 1930’s, they are the only Color Bred Canary that has a red factor as part of their genetic structure.


Care and feeding Red Factor Canary for sale


Canaries like wide open spaces so provide a roomy cage. Provide a cage with vertical bars and small perches of different size for foot exercise. Have at least 1 perch set high in the cage for the canary to roost (sleep). The cage should be placed high, so the canary can look down on us so to speak.
Canaries eat mainly canary seed and rape seed. Vitamin coated canary seed mixes are readily available at a pet store. Greens are also enjoyed and can be offered daily along with a little calcium in the form of a cuttlebone.

In all Color Bred Canaries, red and orange pigments are obtained from their diet. Even the color of Red Siskin was found to be dependent on what it ate in the wild. Consequently the Red Factor Canary also requires feeding a special diet to keep its intense coloring.
Color feeding means feeding of foods that are specifically designed to enhance color. These are found in three chemicals; primarily carotenoids for most birds with the addition of Canthaxanthin and Beta-Carotene for Red Factor Canaries.

Berries, beets, sweet potatoes, squashes, tomatoes, and cherries contain carotenoids which enhance color. Red and orange can also be increased in many breeds by simply adding cayenne pepper and paprika to the diet. A carotenoid concentrate is also used by some experts and Canthaxanthin and Beta-Carotene are obtained as commercial supplements. These color feeding chemicals must be used carefully with close attention paid to proper quantities.
All canaries do like to bath, so they should be offered a bird bath. Cage cleaning and toe nail trimming is about all the maintenance canaries need.


Social Behaviors


Canaries are very social with good personalities. They will not harm children, visitors, or other pets. They are, however, timid birds and should not be housed with parakeets, lovebirds, or other hookbills that tend to be more aggressive birds by nature. Pairing up with two male canaries in a cage can cause fights, but canaries can easily be housed in a spacious cage with other canaries, finches, and other hardbills.

They are good-natured social creatures that do well when kept in cages or in aviaries. They are timid birds though and should not be housed with parakeets, lovebirds, or other hookbills that tend to be more aggressive birds by nature.
Male canaries should be kept in a cage by themselves to ensure quality singing. Males can be territorial and pairing up with two male canaries in a cage can cause fights. In a spacious aviary canaries can generally be housed with other canaries, finches, and other hardbills.


Housing Red Factor Canaries


If you only have a single red factor canary, go for a 1.5-foot cage (45 cm). Canaries do not require toys or other forms of enrichment in the same way as parrots do; a single swing will be enough. You might also add a few perches to keep the bird entertained.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Got an interesting new friend from these guys about a month ago and I had to thank these guys for giving me a partner

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    The females are so cute and smart. My Lola even tries helping me in the kitchen,can you imagine that ☺️

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    Cliff Marie

    God bless you guys for giving out this lovely birds I really count my self lucky for purchasing one

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    Kenny Bankz

    Received my bird. I am leaving this review in good faith.. Good pricing and great customer service.. And above all, the birds are lovely and very playful. Thank you so much The Parrot Shop

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    I got a male for my husband so we could be a double couple since i already have a female. You guys are the best.

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    So my wife has been on my neck to get a pet for her,so I decided to try out a parrot. Apparently,that was the best decision I made,and since we got Ella she hasn’t stopped smiling.

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